Craft Of Quilting
29 Mar 20
Millions of people today are passionate about their amazing sewing machines. Sewing has so drastically changed from a tool for toil to a precious instrument for creative expression.Before 1850, virtually every stitch in clothing, quilts, tents, and more was made by hand. Since then, the world of sewing has been transformed.

What can you gift the parents of a new-born baby who have everything? Parents who have already had a baby or two will already have items like a crib, baby's clothes, a pram and most other items, but t

15 May 20

Cute baby clothes, toys, and other baby accessories are usually the popular gifts that many people choose to give.

29 May 20

Customers often ask us how Christmas Stockings are measured so they can purchase the right size. They also want to make sure that they are getting what they pay for.

22 Jun 20

Recent News
17 Jul 20
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Important Factors For Choosing The Best Online Fabric Store
Buying fabrics online isn't an easy feat. Whether you are looking to modernize your home dcor, buy exquisite bridal or fashion fabric, or instigate your passion for art and creativity, you can get wonderful choices at online fabric store at a reasonable price.
21 Jul 20
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Learn Something New With Craftsy Online Courses
The mission of Craftsy is to inspire crafters to learn about and make a variety of unique and fun crafts.
05 Aug 20
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Long Arm Quilting Machines
Quilting has been an age old tradition. In days gone by, women used to gather around and do quilting work together. This was quite exciting for them, as they would get to meet one another, as well as do things that they enjoy together.
25 Aug 20
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Making Beautiful Traditional Quilts
One of the excellent things about making quilts is the tradition behind quilt making and the usefulness of the final product. It is certainly lovely to have a hobby that can improve your life by either being functional or by being saleable.
08 Oct 20
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People Are Turning Their Hobbies Into Cash Flow
Have you ever wished you could turn your hobby into a fulltime career? If youre passionate about something, its very rewarding when you find a way to get paid for what you love to do.Hobbies of all kinds are turning ordinary people into profitable business owners.
Popular Blogs
11 May 20
Doll making as a hobby can be surprisingly engaging and creative, keeping you engrossed for hours together. Diehard doll making hobbyists swear that the process of making a doll has extraordinary healing and transformative powers too. Want to give it a try? Get started with a few basic supplies and a big dollop of imagination.Doll making suppliesHere's a ready reckoner for making a cloth doll.
01 Jul 20
Since the beginning of time, the use of needle and thread have been essential for sustaining life itself. Sewing skills empowered people to stay warm and shelter themselves from the weather and animals. While women often did much of the sewing, survival was everyones business.
11 Sep 20
A revolution has taken in place in the cutting of fabric for sewers across the world. The rotary cutter is the basis of this exciting trend. This sewing tool makes cutting fabric more precise, less wear and tear on the users hand and wrist, faster, easier, and safer.This tool is made of a circular blade and protective cover fasten to a plastic handle.
Newest Blogs
07 Jun 20
Quilting is a popular hobby that transcends generations. From picking out patterns to skillfully using the fabric cutter, quilting requires true imagination and precision. Whether it's designing a bedspread or even a simple cover, a number of quilting accessories are also available for your convenience. This includes fabric swatches, which allow you to effectively match colors and styles.
08 Aug 20
Sewing is one fabulous hobby. Rising out of necessity, the modern creative hobby enjoys almost endless possibilities.The convenience features of advanced computerized sewing machines have opened up vast possibilities. This hobby finds expression in embellishment, home dcor, heirloom, clothing, crafts, quilting, and embroidery.
17 Sep 20
Quilting is done by hand, sewing machine, or Longarm quilting system, and refers to the process of attaching various fabric materials and layers to make a large flat quilt. Each technique makes use of a needle and thread to merge at least two layers of material to create the final product. The most common quilting is done from three distinct layers: quilt top, insulation, and backing.
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