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March 29, 2020
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Choosing Your Next Sewing Machine

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Millions of people today are passionate about their amazing sewing machines. Sewing has so drastically changed from a tool for toil to a precious instrument for creative expression.

Before 1850, virtually every stitch in clothing, quilts, tents, and more was made by hand. Since then, the world of sewing has been transformed. The electric motor, electronics, and computerization have continued the evolution of this wonderful appliance.

Today, the sewing machine is an extension of the creative genius of its user. Its precision is unrivaled. Its stitch capabilities far exceed the dreams of Elias Howe and Isaac Singer. Its convenience features and creative potential amaze.

When it comes to choosing a new sewing machine today, it can be a dauntless task. There are many different kinds of sewing machines and many different brands. There is probably no specific make, model, or machine that is perfect for every sewer. Since you are an individual with your own dreams, hopes, and desires; the goal is to find the best machine for you.

Before you go shopping for your new sewing machine, consider three questions.

Initially, consider the things you now appreciate about sewing.

It is important to know ahead of time, exactly what you minimum expectations of your new sewing machines are. You will be frustrated if you accept a machine that is less than what you really need.

Two: What kinds of sewing would you like to do?

When it comes to buying a new sewing machine, you have to look beyond the limitations of your old machine. If you forget about the price all together and you forget about having to learn a new machine or new techniques; what kinds of things could you imagine doing?

Seize the possibilities. Whatever kind of sewing you ever thought you might enjoy, you can do. Broaden your thinking to include exciting new possibilities.

What features can you get on new sewing machines? No longer worry about tensions, when you can enjoy great automatic tensions. Press a button and the sewing machine threads itself. Finish a seem and see the machine automatically trim those threads. Imagine how creative you could be with over a thousand different stitches. Sew in up to sixteen different directions. Embroidery and embellish like never before.

Finally, what is your best sewing machine choice worth?

Sewing machines cost between $70 and $12,0000. If you buy solely on price, you will probably be very disappointed. Quality, reliability, and features always cost more.

You can buy a throw away machine for under $100. You exchange features and performance for price with low end models. Under $300, you find good mechanical sewing machines with fifteen to twenty stitches.

Generally, you gain a feature or two plus increased performance capabilities as the price increment increases. A good mid range sewing machine with electronic power control, twenty five to fifty stitches, and good performance can be purchased for around $500. At the thousand dollar range, you can expect computerized dependability, a stitch set of about two hundred stitches, and several convenience features. Around $2,000 you will have a really solid sewing machine with many convenience features and more than two hundred stitches.

Over $2,000 you find a whole series of top quality and full featured sewing machines. Many of these also perform fully computerized embroidery. These machines offer features like large stitch sets up to 1,000 stitches; automatic tensions, trimming, and even threading. These machines have unexcelled dependability and ease of use. These machines truly release creative potential.

Now that you have some idea what you are looking for, visit your local sewing machine store. Get a complete demonstration on machines of interest and take the opportunity to sew a few minutes before you decide. .

Finally, buy the best value you can afford. Do not get fooled. Buy real value.


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