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May 15, 2020
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Hand-Knitted Baby Blankets

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What can you gift the parents of a new-born baby who have everything? Parents who have already had a baby or two will already have items like a crib, baby's clothes, a pram and most other items, but the one gift that is always appreciated is a personalized or handmade knitted blanket. Home knitted baby blankets are much better than shop-bought baby blankets and can either be handed down or kept to give to the baby twenty years later as an heirloom.

Up until fifty years ago, numerous individuals, such as aunts and grandmothers knitted and it was quite common to see hand-knitted baby blankets. This all but died out in the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties, but handcrafts have seen a resurgence in the new millennium. This has to be a positive sign. Coupled with this is the fact that modern wools, yarns and other fibres are stronger and safer than ever before.

This means that a hand-knitted baby blanket is a better gift than ever before. There are dozens of colours and textures which makes it easy for the knitter to match any theme that the parents might have decided on for the baby's nursery.

A hand-knitted quilt or blanket is a very extraordinary present which can either be passed down to the next baby or can be put away to be a present for the 'baby' at a later date, in the same way that a bride might put away her bridal gown for her daughter if she ever has one.

While you are deciding on a design for your baby blanket, you should make safety your prime thought. That should include concern for the size or the blanket. The blanket has to fit the cot precisely so that there are no dangerous folds or gaps. The weave ought to also be tight enough so that small fingers and toes cannot get caught up in them.

It is not a good idea to have beads sewn into the blanket either. That is because babies soon start teething and you do not want your baby to bite off a few beads and choke on them. Traditionally, parents used blue colours for a boy baby and pink for a girl and although this distinction blurred for a few decades it is being respected again so you will have to find out the sex of the baby - subtly if the knitted blanket is going to be a surprise present.

There is no parent in the world that would not treasure a hand-knitted blanket or quilt for their new baby. It is a very extraordinary gift that certainly will be considered as an heirloom to be passed down through the family or kept as a very special twenty-first birthday gift. Embroider your name in a corner so that the person you gave it to will always remember you too.


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