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June 22, 2020
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How to Measure Christmas Stockings

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Customers often ask us how Christmas Stockings are measured so they can purchase the right size. They also want to make sure that they are getting what they pay for. We understand that there can be confusion and frustration in purchasing merchandise online where you cannot study the item and measure the stocking for yourself. To solve this dilemma and make our customers shopping experience with us as joyful as possible, we checked our competitors, talked to our vendors and found the most often used method for measuring Christmas Stockings are as follows.

This is a very simple yet accurate method. Just lay the plush stocking on a flat surface. Take a measuring tape and place it at the upper left corner of the cuff and stretch the tape down, diagonally across the Stocking to the end of the toe of the stocking. This gives you the length of the Christmas stocking. For the width of the Stocking, simply measure across the cuff.

We have found that some manufacturers include the hanging loop in their measurement also. This can add 1 to 2 inches to the length of a holiday stocking. Keep this in mind when checking out other websites and make sure you ask how they measure their Christmas Stockings.

Tips for Matching Older Christmas Stockings to new ones.
We also have a number of customers who have Christmas Tree Stockings from when their children were small and now want to add new ones for each grand child. Here are a few tips we have found that might be helpful.

You will not be able to find a 100% match. Fabrics, materials and styles have changed over the years and even some of the colors are a bit different. While you may not be able to obtain an exact match you should at least be able to purchase Christmas Stockings that are uniform in size. Older plush fireplace stockings may vary in width so make sure you have the correct measurement. Some older Stockings have a bit more room in the toe area. You can measure the bottom of your older Stockings from heel to toe and then from top to bottom at the toe. Compare these measurements with newer Stockings as well. Lastly, some older Victorian style Stockings were shaped more like a boot with a heel.

Evolution of Christmas Stockings.
Christmas Stockings have come a long way since Christmas stockings were first hung. The original Christmas stockings were of course real stockings that a family member had usually worn out and they were converted into Christmas stockings. When Christmas stocking were first made and sold the only option was to purchase 12 or 18 inch Christmas Stockings. They were usually plush fabric. Now we have many more sizes including 45 inch Extra Large Christmas Stockings and even 60 inch Giant Christmas Stockings. While you can still find traditional Red Plush Christmas Stockings you can also find very elegant Satin Stockings, Chic Velvet Stockings and taffeta fabric stockings.

Remember Grandma's hand quilted or cross stitched Christmas Stockings? Now there are stocking kits that you can buy that make hand stitching and embellishing your Christmas Stockings fun and easy. If you do not wish to hand craft your own you can buy Exquisite Decorated Stockings and Santa Chimney Stockings. Miniature Christmas Stockings make perfect party favors. Small Felt Stockings can be filled with pet treats for your pets on Christmas morning.


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