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April 9, 2020
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Dog Fashion: Clothes, Sweaters, and Boots

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If you take your dog boating then a dog life jacket can keep your dog floating and visible if he jumps overboard or to let him swim. Dog life jackets are adjustable and they come in various fashion designs.

Perhaps, you take your dog hunting, so a reflective dog vest would be useful. Some reflective vests are made to also protect your dog's stomach and chest from cuts or scratches and any other irritation to his skin while hunting. Jackets that protect your canine friend from the weather such as cold, snow, rain, and chilly wind are great to have when you want to take your dog outside in bad weather.

Rain jackets that have breathable fiber come in sizes for small, medium, large, and extra large dogs. Raincoats for dogs that are made with PVC material to repel water come in sizes from extra small to extra large. Pet boots are available with fleece lining and they have nonskid soles. They are useful in snowy or rainy weather.

When you get ready for bed, you put on your pajamas and you can dress your dog in pajamas too. Pet pajamas come in mixed materials like cotton with polyester. They have collars and four legs. They are made in various print styles. Thermal pajamas for dogs are also on the market. They come in different solid colors and will keep your doggie warm. Particularly good for small dog breeds that tend to get cold easily, but they come in sizes for small, medium, and large dogs.

Dog sweaters for small dogs are made of Dublin, knit, yarn, fleece, and some are hoodies. Some dog sweaters are designed for the holidays. Dog coats come quilted, reversible, in corduroy, in denim, and as parkas. For the fashionable small female dog you can get dresses that are gingham, corduroy, satin, and other fabrics. They come with ruffles, and as sundresses. Dog dresses are also available for big dogs.

You can also purchase visors, hats, and bikinis for dogs. Sports clothes for dogs such as jerseys are popular. There are supplies of dog jerseys for the MLB, NFL, and NCAA. You can also get NASCAR dog jerseys.

Dog tees come in many designs and with slogans. Dog pants and skirts are in fashion. Doggie, scrunches, ties, formal wear, chokers, neck warmers, and scarves are part of the total dog apparel available today.

Whether you want to clothe your dog for hunting, boating or bad weather there are plenty of choices. If you want to dress your dog up in holiday apparel it is out there. Getting your pooch ready for bed is no problem either because you can get doggie pajamas and thermals. If you are into sports dress your dog in a doggie sports jersey and if you want upscale fashion for your pet, you can find the clothes to match your taste.

Really, it is amazing that there are so many kinds of dog apparel out there in different price brackets.


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